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The Alcove Hiptique

Samirano Group, known as one of the fastest growing real estate development company in Bangkok, firstly started business in textile industry as Textela Ltd., Partnership in 1995. The company was wholesaler and retailer of embroidery and laces which were exported to other countries such as Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, Philippines and Panama.

Along with running textile business, the directors also invested in real estate property. The income derived from house and condominium investments were satisfactory. This prompted the directors of company shift from its textile business to property development where the future seemed to be promising. Therefore, since 2005, Samirano Group was formed to separate the core business of textile from property development business.

After accomplished with the first project, a serviced apartment in Thonglor 23, Samirano Group has appointed Nexus Property Consultants Co., Ltd as its development and marketing consultants for two condominium projects, the Alcove Sukhumvit 49 and the Alcove Thonglor 10. Both projects sold 80% of the total units within 6 months after launching.

After the continual success, Samirano Group expands the business into hotel sector. The Alcove Hiptique is located on Sukhumvit 13 and will be operated by international management, Best Western (USA).

Serviced Apartment

2005 -

The Alcove Residence Thonglor 23
A serviced apartment in prime residential area on Sukhumvit soi 55 (Thonglor 23) comprising of 20 units of fully furnished 1-2 bedroom apartment.

2008 -

The Alcove Thonglor 5
A serviced apartment located on Thonglor soi 5 consisting of 46 rooms to support increasing customer demand in the area especially Japanese customers.


2006 -

The Alcove Sukhumvit 49
An 8-storey condominium located on Sukhumvit soi 49 comprising of 48 exclusive units with 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom options.

2007 -

The Alcove Thonglor 10
A 23-storey condominium, comprising of 135 units, located on the corner of Thonglor soi 10 and Ekkamai Road with both compact units for younger Thais who enjoy modern city lifestyle and luxury units for executives.


2008 -

The Alcove Hiptique
A boutique hotel located on Sukhumvit soi 13 under "Hip" concept with 56 rooms as well as fully functioned facilities such as café, restaurants, bar, swimming pool, and internet access. This project will be operated by Best Western (USA)


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