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Press Conference: The Alcove Thonglor 10

13 March 2007 at Four Seasons Hotel, Bangkok.

The Alcove Thonglor 10
New Dimension of Trendy Lifestyle
An Affordable Luxury Condo on the Chicest Road in Bangkok 

Samirano Property CO., LTD. launches 'The Alcove Thonglor 10' the newest hip condo project worth more than 700 million baht. The condominium is designed in 'Concept Condo' style where better and brighter living space is provided with highly functional unit size. Each unit is designed to enjoy the most spectacular view in Thonglor area through the huge glass panel. The project is to serve every need of the modern city people who live up to the ultimately convenient lifestyle.

Mr. Anand Singjirakul, Director - Samirano Property Co., Ltd. strongly emphasizes that to create a project for the metro trendsetter group requires a developer who is also a city expert. Our residential condominium must be different, great in design and location.  Based on our long experiences and market study in the serviced apartment business, the most preferred living areas are on Sukhumvit road between soi 1-63 and soi 2-4, and Sathorn/Lumpini areas. It should be noted that most expatriates prefer to rent new units rather than inherit them from colleagues. This creates a  demand for new property. Our project also targets the new generation. Since the lifestyle of the  metro group has changed, the young generation prefer to have their own units rather than staying with their family. The size of room tends to be smaller with unique style that answers to all needs.

Mr. Apisit Limlomwongse, Managing Director - Nexus Property Consultants Company added that "That's why the Alcove Thonglor 10 is the right answer. Thonglor has a long reputation as a unique and boutique strip where the road embraces trendsetting shops in fashion, cuisine, living decoration, to name as a few. It is also a hangout place for stars and celebrities  who also launch their own the businesses, making Th onglor as a 'Beverly Hills of Thailand'. Over the past two years, most condominium projects were built right in the heart of the city, close to BTS route. The target group was the middle-income who focused mainly on price and location. Today, as the market is more competitive, buyers will look for not only price and location but also quality and architecture as well as concept design. This is the reason why The Alcove Thonglor 10 project is offering 'Concept Condo' designs where the unit space will be wisely and fully utilized. Brighter living space is provided through the huge glass panel making the room more sparse". 

The Alcove Thonglor 10 project is located in the excellent spot. Right in the Thonglor area, conveniently connected to both the underground mass transportation, the BTS skytrain, as well as the traffic junction through Sukhumvit 55 New Petchaburi and Rama IX roads easily access to the express way. The 23-floor residential condominium offers a total of 135 units. First class services and facilities will include a 25-meter long swimming pool, fitness, and 24 hours security team. The target groups are the office professionals who work in Thonglor area or desire to be a Thonglor resident as well as property investors. There is always a big demand for the property as there are many expatriates working and residing in this area especially on Sukhumvit road.

For more information, please call the sales office on 02-204 0660-4.


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